I love weddings.  Drinks all around!

...wait... wrong movie...

Talking to Lukasz's father and to David, one of the groomsmen.
Anyway, I do love weddings!  This weekend I had the pleasure of singing at one, for a young man who attends my parents' church, where I sing anytime I'm home on the weekend.  I know him only slightly and I didn't meet the bride until Friday, but it was such fun!  They're a lovely, welcoming family and I felt immediately accepted and involved.  Laura and Lukasz are just the cutest couple, and it was an honour to sing for them!

I guess this is kind of a sewing post as well since the dress I wore to the wedding is one I made last summer (for another wedding I sang at!) and never posted about.  I can't recall offhand which pattern I used for it, but I know it was designed for a knit fabric and I adapted it for a woven one -- a polyester knock-off of silk dupioni.  It's lined with cotton leftover from a dress I made several years ago, and it's very comfortable to wear.  It doesn't photograph terribly well though since the fabric is quite shiny.  It's better when there's no flash!

I love the swish and flow of the skirt, and I got lots of compliments on it (that's always fun!)  The funny part was, though, that almost every single woman from our church in Michigan who attended this wedding (in Chattanooga) wore the same shade of blue!  And no, we didn't coordinate on purpose :-)

I hope to be back to more regular posts this week, since the summer travelling is all over and I'll be back to my normal work schedule.  I'm also hoping to get hold of photos from my brother's dance recital and share some of those!