An Audition Suit

I finally have pictures of my suit to show you!  I bought the pattern and materials for this project at least two years ago, and finished it back in February.  I forget why I wanted to make it at first (other than that it's a really cool suit!) but when I pulled it out again last fall I intended it to be worn for graduate school auditions.  And it was worn to the one audition I did!  But it took me two years to get up the nerve to start sewing, and over three months to get photos once it was finished.  Yikes. 

This is a Vogue pattern, a two-piece suit.  I made it in a heavy cotton (twill, I think), lined, with bound buttonholes and a huge stand-up collar, which can also be worn folded down.  Unfortunately the collar doesn't show terribly well in any of these photos, but I think you get an idea.  The bodice is very fitted and sculptured; it was tricky to put together but fits wonderfully!  My only really problem with the suit is that the fabric attracts *everything* -- hair, lint, dust, random fuzzies.  I have to keep a lint roller with me constantly.  But that is hardly a drawback with the pattern, and really it's a very minor problem.

My roommate and I held an extensive photo shoot this evening, as we both had several projects we wanted to document.  I'll have more photos and dresses up soon!  Unfortunately we did not get a lot of shots of this suit and most of the good ones were not full-length.  I'd like to get more at some point, but perhaps on a day when the high is not hovering near 100 degrees (!!!!) I've included the last photo because it's the only one that really gives a good idea of the shape of the suit, particularly the peplum; please excuse my odd expression and waving arms.  I think I was fixing my hair!

So there you are; my audition suit.  I've worn it many times already and I think this will be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come!


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