A Knit Dress

Last week I finally found a use for a couple yards of jersey knit fabric that I bought several years ago and have never been able to decide what to do with.  I picked up a pattern (McCall 6070) on sale last month and decided it was perfect.

It took about two hours to make up and it is so comfortable.  The most difficult part was the elastic, and since it just goes through casings it's a piece of cake.  The back ties up - the pattern calls for large beads on the tie ends but I didn't bother on this one.  When I make the grey version I have planned, I will add the beads, but for this one I like it plain.  The only alteration I made was to add a bit of depth to the bodice front pieces -- the pattern was clearly drafted for someone with a much more insignificant bosom than I possess ;-P

My friend Shannon took the photos after church choir rehearsal tonight.  The light wasn't ideal, so I apologise for the slightly blurry focus.

I finished this dress a week ago and I think I've worn it four or five times already.  It's been so hot already; this cool, easy dress has been perfect.  I definitely will make this pattern again!


  1. Just beautiful, Gill- the dress and its wearer!

  2. Super cute, Gillian! I love that blue!


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