After a grueling finals week (I do NOT want to spend upwards of 40 consecutive hours awake again for a very long time!) and a long drive, I'm finally home for the summer.  The last couple days have been consumed with sleeping (very important!) and unpacking (likewise important, but much lower on my priority list!)  But finally my room is beginning to look less like a tornado zone and more like a bedroom, I managed to squash all my books on my bookshelves, and it's beginning to feel like summer.  The kids even dragged me for a swim in the lake this afternoon, although I've been in Tennessee so long that 75 degrees no longer feels like swimming weather!

This will definitely be a working summer, as I'm studying for three CLEP tests, researching and beginning the application process for graduate school, and working on music for my senior recital -- not to mention researching and beginning a massive paper for the scholarship symposium at school next spring.  They're not calling it a thesis but it might as well be one!  I'm also still hoping to find a summer job -- I've picked up a few pet-sitting gigs already and applied for a child-care job, and I hope to find a few voice students as well.  A "traditional" job just doesn't seem like it's going to happen this year, as the economy in Michigan is so bad that most of the jobs normally filled by college students have been snagged by adults who are temporarily out of work.  I don't grudge them the jobs - but I do need an income!  So it looks like odd jobs for me this summer.

I'm also hoping to work through a significant portion of my stash and my UFOs this summer.*  (I figure maybe if I write that here, for all the world to see, I might actually be motivated to do something about it!)  I'm tired of having crates and boxes and bags full of partially-finished projects, and I'm tired of the stash that's overflowing every available receptacle.  I've pledged myself to finish AT LEAST one project every week, whether it's sewing or knitting, and the more the better.  We'll see how that goes!  This is part of a sudden disgust for clutter and my hoarding tendencies, brought on by the realisation, as I packed up the dorm room to come home, that I have way too much stuff.  I really want to work on clearing out this summer.

I'll also be working in the garden; maybe I'll be able to keep it at least mostly weed-free this summer!  Well.  Probably not.  But one can dream!

Since I found my camera charger - the day after I ordered a replacement** - I'm hoping there will also be photos of the finished projects, garden, and whatever else I deem fit.

Oh - and forgive the footnotes!  I picked that up from Robin McKinley's*** blog, and it's just such a handy way to fit in the odds and ends that break up the flow of a post that I couldn't resist.


* This is part of a sudden disgust for clutter and my hoarding tendencies, brought on by the realisation, as I packed up the dorm room to come home, that I have way too much stuff.  I really want to work on clearing out this summer.

** Well.  At least it was only a $3 replacement.  If I'd paid full price I would never forgive myself!

***  She's one of my very favourite fantasy authors, and her blog is a hoot.  Check it out some time!


  1. Welcome back, Gillian! Sleep was also on the top of my list, so I've only recently started unpacking. And I have way too much stuff, too. :P

    Have a great summer!

  2. Welcome back! I'm glad the semester ended well for you. I went through a de-hoarding phase between my sophmore and junior years of college where I threw everything away. Once you get the ball rolling, it gets easier to stay uncluttered. It was just that inital inertia. Best wishes, from one former borderline hoarder to another!

  3. Thank you both! Jenny, it's so encouraging to hear from someone who's worked through the almost-hoarding and gotten past it!


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