Small Trials, Large Mercies

I keep being tempted to tell people I've had a horrible week, and it's only Tuesday.  Between spending half the weekend in the tornado shelters, I think to myself, between that and my massive paper due tomorrow, and sleeping through a test this morning, and being sick, etc, etc - I've had a horrible week.

But really, I haven't.  I spent the weekend in tornado shelters, yes, but we didn't have a tornado.  We didn't even experience major flooding, as so very much of the state did.  (Pray for TN, people.  You might not think 12 inches of rain over a 2-day period is so much, but it does TERRIBLE things to rivers and to low-lying areas.)  I have a 10-page paper to write, but I don't have the presentations that so many of my friends must give.  I slept through a test, but the kind professor is letting me make it up.  And I may be sick - but it's only a mild cold, nothing debilitating or life-threatening.

I have to keep reminding myself that though I have my small problems, I must not let myself blow them out of proportion.  Compared to so many, many others in this world, I have a wonderful life.  And even when I have my problems, I have my God too.  And He is good.

Now that's a comforting though.


  1. Oh Gillian, I'll be praying for you. It sounds you have had a week of trial and testing but God's grace is always greater than that! Good for you for seeing the positive side of things!!

    I had no idea that TN was experiencing such severe weather. I will be praying for the folks and the areas down there that need help during this time. Wow, 12 inches of rain in a 2 day period?! We live near two rivers so I know first hand how devestating that can be - and that can happen so quickly.

    God bless you! Hope this coming week is a lot less stressful than this past one has been. :)

  2. My cousins live south of Knoxville and I've seen their creek flooded; it's a mess. I can't imagine the whole state that way.

    Don't beat yourself up too much about complaining. It's a natural reaction. I've found it's better to vent it out in a safe place (blog's good!) then be able to move on.

    I second Sarah Jane's prayer: hopefully this coming week is a lot less stressful!


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