Aprons Again

I seem to have a "thing" for aprons.  I love designing them; I love making them; I love wearing them.  (My clothes love it when I wear them, too; I am a very messy cook!)

All this to say: I made another apron!

This was another stash project; the main fabric I picked up on sale last winter, the muslin for the binding I always have on hand, and the gingham was actually an old shirt I made five or six years ago.  It never fit quite right -- an Empire waist that hit mid-bust, sleeves too short -- and so I rarely wore it.  But it was perfect for this project!

This is also the first garment I've drafted entirely myself, and I'm pretty happy with the way it came out!  The skirt is a half-circle, and I discovered in designing it that most of my high school geometry skills (inconsequential to begin with) had deserted me, so it was quite a lot of trial and error.  The bodice I just sort of made up; a few body measurements, some newspaper to draw a rough pattern on, and then a couple of mock-ups until I got it right.  There are still some issues - the bust darts are a little high, for example - but it's wearable and I think for the first time it turned out pretty well :-)  I love it -- the skirt and the full bodice provide full coverage, which is just what my messy self needs!

I also met my goal of finishing at least one project this week, so I'm pleased with that as well.  And the sweater I started for my younger brother before I even entered college, and finally dug out again this week, is progressing nicely as well; I finished knitting all the major pieces last night, and today they went for a swim and were pinned out to block.  Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday I'll be able to embroider the dragon on the back and sew it all up.  I'm so glad I planned to make him a bigger size than he actually wore three years ago!

The pieces of the sweater (a kimono-style) pinned out to block and dry.

One last thing: for some reason I'm not even sure of myself, my dad and sister managed to talk me into running a 5K tomorrow.  (For those of you who are non-runners, that's 5 kilometers or just over 3 miles.)  Now you have to understand: I am not a runner!  I can manage one mile with minimal distress but I am dreading this race tomorrow.  I'm just praying I make it through; I couldn't care less about making a good time!  Oh yes.  And did I mention it starts at 8 in the morning????

I'll report back tomorrow if I survive my own insanity ;-)


  1. It's adorable, Gillian! And it reminds me that I wanted to make some aprons this summer...

    Good luck on the 5k tomorrow. I'll be rooting for you! :)

  2. I love, love, LOVE the back on that apron! I may have to steal your design.

    My husband tried, last year, to talk me into running the Chicago Marathon... and I've never run before. So I know how you feel. However, I have great confidence that you'll be able to achieve your goal (whereas I most certainly did not!). Have fun!


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