I knit these wrist-warmers in the space of just a few days while we were in PA for Christmas. The pattern is Queen City Fingerless Mitts, from Knitty, and they were quite simple to make.

The directions were clear and straightforward and gave me no problems. I did have to alter them a bit, as I have small wrists and long, square palms - I think I started with the medium size at the wrist and by the time I got past the thumb shaping I was at the extra-large size! I also added some length. Altogether though these were a very quick project, and only used about 100 yards of yarn, so they'd be great for using up little odds and ends.

I'm finally getting back to sewing, now that I'm home for a month - I hope I'll be able to post about that soon!



  1. Oooh, they're gorgeous! Such a nice color!

  2. Too cute! I love the textured design on the back. Is that tricky?

  3. Thanks :-) Jenny, it wasn't difficult at all - the chart is really clear, but a little bit of prior knowledge on working cables would probably help.

  4. These are sooo pretty! I can't do cables - I have no idea how - but I think I'll have to learn! I was thinking of shortening the knitted mitt pattern from the Ragged Solider to make a similar pair (except much plainer). Love the color of these!!

  5. I love them, the cables are great!

  6. I thought the same thing Sarah said as soon as I saw them... those are SOOOO pretty! :) I SO need a pair of those! :)


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