Twelve Days of Christmas

Well, there are a few days of Christmas left but I thought I'd put up my "Christmas" post since it is officially the new year now!

We spent Christmas, as we often do, in Pennsylvania with my grandfather. The day itself was smooth and uneventful - a leisurely morning, gifts opened, and then a lovely dinner which we all pitched in to put together. In my family, gifts are usually fairly small and inexpensive - we don't have much (although I know we are blessed far beyond what we deserve and beyond what many have, and for that I am grateful!) but what we have is given with love, and that for me is better than whatever material gain there may be.

The table set for Christmas dinner!

Later in the week we visited my aunt and uncle, and also saw my cousins and their families. I have to show you this picture of my little brother and our cousin's daughter - she just adores David, and has ever since she was tiny.

Wednesday we drove home; a trip which ought to have taken twelve hours turned into a seventeen hour odyssey, and everyone was tired and exhausted by the time we got home. (A portion of interstate 80 in PA was shut down due to a tanker which split in half and spilled toxic chemicals... this caused a huge traffic backup.) The darkness and the red taillights made for some interesting photographic opportunities, though!

This is just some of the traffic which we encountered.

And today, in preparation for the New Year's Eve party to which we always go, I made an enormous Apple Cake and a huge plate of brownies. Then, because I couldn't help myself, I took pictures!

Happy New Year to all of my readers! I hope 2010 is good for you; and I hope you were as blessed in 2009 as I was. It was a rough year in many, many ways; tough courses in school, hard lessons regarding matters of the heart, the death of several dear friends and family members. But I have so many sweet memories of friends and family, and have been taught so many necessary and valuable lessons through all of this. God knew what he was doing - and he knows what he's going to do with 2010, as well!

Love to you all,