Vintage Knits: Surplice sweater and bonnet for baby

A couple years ago I picked up a 1942 book called "Sewing for the Baby" for just a few dollars at an antiques store.  Somewhat ironically, I have never actually used any of the sewing patterns (though I keep planning to), but I've loved all the knitting patterns I've tried.  (My knitted elephants are adapted from a pattern in this book.)

Now, I've made up a sweet little layette set for an infant girl.  Both the bonnet and the sweater are really simple to knit.  I made just a few adjustments - the sweater was supposed to have a more compicated border and also some embroidery along the front edges, but I didn't feel like adding that, and the bonnet was meant to have a crocheted border around the face but I felt it detracted from the simplicity and comfort of the design.  Other than those changes though I worked both these garments as written and I think they came out really nicely! I love that the sweater doesn't involve trying to slide anything over the baby's head.  Much as I love pullovers, they're just not practical for wobbly-necked infants!  This wrap style is so much easier.

The yarn is a superwash wool and is SO SOFT.  The buttons came from my stash (specifically, the quart jar full of buttons I bought for $5 at an antiques mall.)  The whole thing knitted up in just a few days and is now available in my shop in case you have a sweet baby girl in your life who needs something warm to cuddle up in!


  1. could you please give me more info an this book Sewing for the baby, I started this sweater and misplaced my pattern. Would like to locate it. Thank you

  2. Hi Diane, thanks for stopping by! The book is called "Sewing for the Baby" by Kay Hardy, published in 1944 I believe. I've actually mislaid my copy as well (somewhere in the disaster that I call a bedroom) or I'd copy out the pattern for you, but there are several copies available online - I'll put links to one on Etsy and also the Amazon listing. Hope that helps!


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