I am so profoundly tired.  Two of my very best friends were married (to each other!) last night... I was a bridesmaid and sort of acting maid of honor, since Shannon had her brother as her "honor attendant", and he clearly did not perform most of the usual maid of honor duties.  I discovered that the problem with being efficient and knowledgeable is that people start figuring that out and asking you about everything.  Result: many more mad dashes to find things/take messages/give orders.  In high heels.  But one bachelorette party, one decorating party, one rehearsal, one rehearsal dinner, one wedding, one reception, and countless trips between church and reception hall, sanctuary and dressing area, up and down numberless flights of stairs in stiletto heels.... they are married.  I am so happy for them!

And I am so tired.

Pictures to come eventually (including of my dress, which I made), but I forgot to take my camera and didn't have a moment to take photos anyway, so I'll have to wait for other people's to start appearing on Facebook :)