Modified Rapture

Well, I haven't quite kept up with either of my resolutions.  The sink is full of dishes again (sigh.)  And I haven't worked out every day this week.  However, I did get in four days, which is four days better than I've done for months, and I've washed dishes twice this week (but I cooked a lot yesterday) so I am not going to beat myself up about it.

Naturally I chose the busiest portion of my semester in which to add an exercise regime.  I've discovered that it's impractical to even try to fit exercising into my Wednesday schedule - I am too busy.  And Sunday is a day of rest.  But I figure if I exercise all the other five days, that's a whole lot better than not doing it at all, and a couple of rest days will probably be good for me.  I may end up missing a few days in the next couple weeks, too, because the Shakespeare play is coming up and I will be really busy with rehearsals and performances.

Not much else is going on around here.  Lots of homework, of course, and memorizing of music for my recital, and I've just started working on the dress for my recital, so I'll probably be posting progress reports on that.  If I can find my camera!


  1. Great job on getting your excercise in this week! I have been doing only 5 days a week lately and keeping weekends off, and have noticed no downside to that. In fact, having a few days off really helps me recharge and feel more energetic!

    Dishes. .ugh. ..I hate doing them. At least if you always have clean plates to eat off of and clean pots to cook in, it's all good!


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