I went to Hobby Lobby today for some jewelry supplies (I make the "pearl" necklaces for all the girls in the choirs here at school, and it's coming up on time for a new batch.)  But of course, since this is me, I had to go and look at the yarn and fabric before I left.  I wasn't going to buy... just to look.


I should know by now that if I don't intend to buy, I should. Not. Look.  I came away from Hobby Lobby with my jewelry hardware... and eleven balls of yarn.  Eeep.

I justify this purchase to myself by saying, well it was wool.  It was $1.90 a skein.  How often are you going to find a nice, soft, dove-grey wool in that quantity for that price?  It really is a fabulous price.  I'm going to make myself a sweater, I think - and I promised the friend who was with me that I'd make her mittens with red accents.

Still, though.  I've been trying to stay away from impulse buys, since my budget is tight and I'm trying to learn to even have a budget.... so this wasn't the best idea, probably... and I need to keep a better check on my impulses.

But I'm keeping the yarn :-)