The One-Week Shawl

I'm trying so hard not to be smug and proud of myself.  After all neither of those emotions are exactly admirable, and I do try to be admirable.

But I've never completed a shawl in a single week before!

The pattern is "Shoulder Shawl in Cherry Leaf Pattern" from Victorian Lace Today.  (Incidentally this is one of my favourite lace knitting books!)  

I added two repeats of the pattern to made it both longer and wider - I didn't really want a "shoulder shawl" and even if I had, I'm six feet tall.  A shoulder shawl for most people would be a scarf on me! ;-)

I changed the lace edging as well.  The border in the pattern was more solid and - triangular, if that makes sense - so I swapped in this one.  I really love the airy feel the rows of double yarn-overs gives to the shawl!

The top edge is bound off with a picot finish, another change from the pattern, which wanted me to bind off, then add a crochet picot edging.  I didn't want to be bothered with crocheting, so I figured out how to knit it instead!  And I think the finished edge is much more lovely and elastic than it would otherwise have been.

I went out this evening after dinner to take a few pictures.  I came back in with over fifty!  I think I got carried away ;-)  I leave you with one last shot and apologies for the picture-heavy post!  I just love photographing lace, and the discovery that the flowers in our rock wall are exactly the same shade as my yarn delighted me to no end.

Have a lovely evening!


  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE it! And you did it all in a week?! I'm in awe of your abilities -- I don't know that I'd be able to do that, even if there was an exceptionally long car trip involved :) Do you sell your pretty work?

    From one tall girl (5'9") to another... I have to alter everything and fully sympathize.

  2. It is so pretty! I'd be deliriously happy if I finished a shawl in a week, so I think a little smugness and pride are understandable. The edging that you did is so beautiful. I love it. Oh, and the knit picot edge is just perfect! It will suit you so well!

  3. Jenny, there were two long car trips involved! I started this on the way to Pennsylvania (from Michigan), knit all week at my grandfather's, and finished it up driving home and the next day. This would never happen in a normal week at home!

    I've sold a few things, but not often. I'll knit on commission sometimes but I find it stressful and I don't enjoy it as much as knitting for myself or for gifts.

    Serena, thank you! :)


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