Little Things

Sometimes it's the little, everyday things in life that make an impact... that stick with you and define a period of time.  This summer, I've been photographing them when I can - I'm a "visual learner" and I like picture memories!  Today I thought I'd share some of these with you... the little things of this summer that have made me happy :-)

My very dearest friend from college and her boyfriend (also a close friend of mine) came to see me!  I haven't seen either of them since May so this was a lovely day.  They're also the first of my friends from college to actually make it out to my house - living 700 miles from school has its drawbacks.  I loved spending the afternoon with them :-)

I made bread last week.  At least I tried.  I did something wrong, or the weather affected the yeast somehow; and then it fell before I could get it in the oven.  So it came out looking more like bricks.

But Daddy took my photo shoot as an opportunity to be silly - so I got a laugh out of a failure after all!

Is this not the sweetest house?  I've been pet-sitting this week and on my twice-daily perambulations with the dog I pass this house.  From the road it simply looks like a very tiny one-storey house -- but it's built into the side of a hill, so there's twice as much house below the first level!  Its yellow paint is so cheerful and it has dark green shutters on the front that I just love - and to top it all off it's lakefront property, so  the view is gorgeous.  I have no idea who lives here but I smile every time I pass it.

This last picture isn't really a "happy thing" - it's my finished project from last week.  We needed new napkins and Mum asked if I could make some.  I found this fabric - a cotton-and-something blend - on the Red Tag shelf at JoAnn Fabrics, and the red tag fabric happened to be on sale that day.  So a yard and a half of a lovely, weighty jacquard, plus the thread to match - cost me about $7.  I got 12 napkins out of it, and I'm pretty happy with them.  They're boring to hem though!

I'm working on a new dress that I hope to have finished this evening; if I get it done I'll have photos for you tomorrow!  Have a lovely evening, friends :-)