Strange Weather

We have had the most interesting weather lately -- beginning with last Friday when the oppressive mid-90-degree heat was interrupted by intense thunderstorms which caused our power to go down.  They didn't break the heat, though; I think I can safely say I have never missed having my ceiling fan working as much as I did that night!  Fortunately it was on again by mid-afternoon on Saturday.  In the meantime we lit the house with candles and a couple of oil lamps, and I felt pleasantly old-fashioned (though unpleasantly sweaty.)

This week has alternated between days of intense heat and high humidity -- only somewhat mitigated by the occasional lovely breeze -- and days (usually evenings) of fierce storms, high winds, and sheeting rain.  We are fortunate that the power has not been out again!  And yesterday, not only did we have severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings, but apparently our area felt the side-shocks of an earthquake in Ontario.  My brother noticed it, but I feel somewhat cheated in having felt nothing.  This may have something to do with the fact that I was sitting in the rocking recliner at the time.... but nevertheless I wish I had noticed.  It would be a conversation piece at parties! ;-)

This heat is not best for quilting.  I nearly stifled after working on it for about an hour last night and I think in future I'll have to confine my quilting to the basement, where it's usually at least 10 degrees cooler.  But the garden loves it!  The daylilies are starting to bloom this week, the tomato plants are more than doubled in size since I planted them, and I've grown a bumper crop of little green weeds with stubborn roots.  At least all the rain has made them easier to pull out!