I made it through the 5K - coached my little sister through it in fact - in nothing like record time, but with considerably less difficulty than I had anticipated.  I thank everyone for praying!

We had a lovely Memorial Day with a family of some of our best friends from the area.  I made Ree Drummond's chocolate sheet cake recipe (she's also known as The Pioneer Woman, and I love both her recipes and her writing style!) but unfortunately I forgot to take a photo.  It got rave reviews, though, so I recommend it!  It made enough for both our families -- 12 people, and 5 of them were teen-age/early 20s boys -- so this is great for parties, picnics, or someplace where you won't have to eat half the cake yourself. Not that this would be unpleasant -- but it might give you a heart attack!

I also finished a sweater I've been knitting for my brother for the last three years.  I'm so relieved to have it finished!  I'll try to get him to stand still long enough to be photographed tomorrow, and get you up a more detailed post about that very soon.  Although since I have to weed, turn over, dig compost into, and plant my garden tomorrow, I'm not entirely sure how much energy I'll have left for blogging!