Ice Princess

Knitting time lately has been pretty limited, but I did finish a pair of gloves for myself back in February!

The pattern is Annemor #1 by Terri Shea from the book Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition.  This book is really interesting - all the patterns are taken directly from original gloves and mittens, but this means they have some strange fitting quirks.  I am not sure if my hands are just very differently proportioned than the standard Scandinavian model but I find I have to heavily modify this proportions, even when my gauge matches that of the pattern.  (For these, I added about half a dozen stitches to the width and an entire extra repeat of the pattern for the palm and fingers.)  The patterns are gorgeous and if you're willing to put in a little extra work to get the fit right they're definitely worth it, but I certainly wouldn't recommend them to a beginning two-colour knitter or someone with little experience in altering patterns.

Yarn is KnitPicks Gloss fingering - a merino/silk blend which is one of my favourites; warm, strong, and very soft!  These gloves got a lot of wear during the second half of the winter, and I'm looking forward to wearing them again next year.