strange weather (and a moose)

We have been having the strangest weather this week.  Saturday and Sunday we had a huge snowstorm, which dumped well over a foot of snow on the whole of southern Michigan and followed that up with high winds and significantly sub-zero temperatures - part of that "polar vortex" thing that's been going around.  Schools were out for two or three days because it was so cold.  Then yesterday it got really warm - for January in the north, anyway - with above-freezing temperatures.  And now I look outside and it's snowing again.  (Was that a polar vortex or a bi-polar one, guys?)

When I haven't been shovelling I've been mostly inside, catching up on my tv shows and knitting madly at the incredible number of custom orders I've got on my list.  But I realised I'm a bit behind at showing you some of the things I've finished recently that weren't Christmas gifts!  This one was knit for the new nephew of my college roommate.  He was a fun project and I think he turned out pretty cute.  Hopefully his new human will love him too :)

Unfortunately my schedule and the weather never cooperated, so I don't have any nice crisp natural-light photos of Mr. Moose.  But I can assure you he is cuddly!

I've still got the last couple bits of Christmas knitting to show you, and some more custom knitting, and I did some sewing this week as well, so there's plenty of blog material out there!  And maybe soon the weather will settle down and we'll have a nice fresh coating of snow, which would make a better backdrop for pictures than the greying slush last weekend's snow has become in this thaw.