Farewell to Penzance

Full cast
The Pirates of Penzance closed on Sunday and I have been suffering slight withdrawals since then.  I truly loved this show, the directors, and the entire cast, not to mention the pretty clothes I got to wear and the delight of singing such gorgeous music over and over!  On the other hand it's also been nice to have time to catch up the gardening and do some serious knitting and not have to be out until 11 every night.

We had a little bit of fun ;-)
And if it must be over, at least I have loads of pretty pictures to look at!  These are a few (and by a few I mean dozens, but I narrowed them down from over a thousand!) of my favourites from the show (and I'll point out the costume pieces I made as they show up, too.)  All the photos are by Richard Lim (and under his copyright) and we were fortunate to have a photo CD from the show!  He is fabulous, even if he does think I "glare" at the camera when I know it's around ;-)

Pour, oh pour the pirate sherry!

Frederic sees young women for the first time in his life.

Oh false one! You have deceived me!

A rest after climbing over rocky mountains.

A man!

Take any heart - take mine!

Captured by pirates.  (Our pirate king - isn't his costume fabulous?)

He is the very model of a modern Major General!  (And I made his coat and breeches.)

Ruth, begging not to be left behind again.

Dear father, why leave your bed at this untimely hour?

Go, ye heroes, go and die!  (This one's from a dress rehearsal when my costume wasn't quite finished.)

Ruth, Frederic, and the Pirate King plotting revenge on poor Papa.  (I made Frederic's striped trousers.  They're fall front trousers with four buttons and a couple of snaps holding them closed, and were apparently a beast to get on and off at his quick costume change!)

 Ah, leave me not to pine alone and desolate!

He has done his duty; I will do mine.  Go ye and do yours!  (They are all in a state of collapse after holding out a hum for a whole minute...)

My daddy, the police Seargent.

With cat-like tread (tarantara)

He thought he heard a noise...  (and the nightshirt I made him.  There's some creative piecing at the bottom of each sleeve, since I had barely enough fabric to cut this out.)

Oblivious to his danger...

The pirates have (temporarily) triumphed.  Also, an excellent view of the breeches and vest I made for our Frederic.

And they all lived happily ever after!


  1. Well done, Gillian! You look lovely and the costumes are wonderful! Wish I could have seen the show :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing the photos, great shots! You look great! The clothing you made is fantastic! What a talented woman you are!


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