Be Careful How You Walk

...or rather, where you trip...

We ate Sunday dinner out on the deck today, as usual on lovely days, and we'd gotten to the dessert stage - peach-blueberry cobbler, fresh out of the oven.  I realised we'd left the whipped cream inside and jumped up to get it.  Going a little more quickly than usual up the stairs and through the door, I caught my foot on the sill - the runner of the screen door.

Caught it a little harder than I'd realised, because when I stopped hopping up and down and gasping in pain long enough to look at my foot, I found I had a gash in my second toe and was bleeding freely on the tile floor of the hall.  I'll spare you the gory details, but I'm fairly sure my toenail is at least partially detached - the end with the quick, not the "dead" end.  Lovely.

So I have spent the afternoon in a considerable amount of pain, with my toe first being iced and then bandaged, and elevated as much as possible.  I'm already tired of sitting in one position, and it hurts.  I usually have a fairly high pain tolerance, but this eventually made me cry, and it's still throbbing.  To make it worse, I'm scheduled to leave for Tennessee on Thursday morning to move into my apartment and make ready for my senior year of college, and I haven't started packing yet.  That was supposed to be the work of Monday through Wednesday.  There's a half-bushel of peaches that need to be put up before I leave, and I had two dresses I wanted to finish.  None of which can be very handily done from a recumbent position on a sofa, with one's foot propped up on pillows.

So if you're the praying sort, I'd appreciate prayers that this toe of mine would be feeling better by tomorrow morning!  I've got an awful lot I need to do - deadlines to meet, and no one else can do the work.  I'll hobble around and get it done as best I can, regardless of the pain - but it'll be so, so much easier if this throbbing would subside a bit.

(And, just for vanity's sake, pray too that I won't lose the toenail completely.  I can't tell exactly how bad the damage is but the cut is in such a place that I'm honestly not sure whether it'll grow back.  Which is pretty minor when you think about it... but still!)


  1. Ouch! Will be praying, especially for the move!


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