Catching Up, Again, or, Why College Students Shouldn't Have Blogs

I have been shockingly absent from this blog for far too long, and I do apologise!  There's not time for a very long post today, but I thought I'd just go over the highlights of the last few months:

I sang my junior recital.  It was a blast!  I was scared stiff for the first five minutes but after that I had so much fun.  I made funny faces while I sang, too ;-)  My dad is working on editing the video from it and when I get my hands on it I'll post it up here in case anyone's interested.  I sang Mozart, Faure, Brahms, and Duke and loved every minute of it!

Then I tried madly to catch up with all the schoolwork I'd gotten behind in while prepping for the recital.

I went to the Memphis zoo over spring break and fed honey to an aardvark.  I have the photo to prove it!

And then this past weekend, I did something completely new to me, and dyed my hair.

Yes, it's red now. (And yes, we had a photo shoot in a cemetery.  I hope no one thinks that's morbid!)  It's a fun colour - inside, under normal lights, it looks dark brown with reddish-purple hues, but outside in the sunlight it's a flaming, slightly unnatural red.  It came out just a bit too red, I think, but for a first attempt it's not bad, and I've had mostly positive reactions to it.  I've been having fun, actually; after three years at college the most drastic thing I'd ever done to my hair was to hack it from hip-length to chin length, and I think everyone had decided I wasn't the type to dye my hair.  So there's been quite a lot of shock.  It amuses me.

In other news, the choir is headed off on tour tomorrow.  We're going to Washington, DC to sing at the National Cathedral - a huge honour - and we'll be stopping various places along the way.  I'm excited; I always love tour, and this should be a good one.  Presuming I can find my camera charger before tomorrow afternoon, I'll take lots of photos and try to give you a recap when I get back next week!

(Maybe there was time for a long post, after all!  I'm going to go finish my French homework now before I get in trouble.)


  1. I love the hair! I dyed my hair for the first time at uni too - and it was a deep red too!

  2. Lovely! I used to dye my hair red back in high school. It works nicely for you.

    And no, it's not too weird to do photos in a cemetary. I think so many of the tombstones and monuments are just lovely and never appreciated.

    Aardvarks eat honey?

  3. They do eat honey! At least, this one loved it :)


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