I'm staying in a friend's apartment this week prior to returning home on Sunday, since the dorms closed last Saturday. And sometimes, when I'm left alone with few commitments and a lovely kitchen on my hands, things happen.

Sometimes, this happens: lovely sunlight breakfast, with candles just because I can.

Sometimes this happens. Dinner made for a friend is always better than dinner for oneself.

Sometimes, these happen. Such a silly name, monkey bread, but such a sweet treat.

Or this. Oh, this is just one of the best cakes I've ever tasted.

And sometimes, I have time to knit an entire sock in the space of two days.



  1. That seems very peaceful. Enjoy your holiday break!

  2. Holy Cow (not that cows are holy) :P you KNIT A SOCK IN TWO DAYS?! Incredible!

    I love monkey bread. . .sooo good! It looks like you have been busy. The meals look so peaceful and serene, I love the candle. :)


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