The problem with college... that I never seem to find time to update my blog. *Sigh* I promise, I have been doing very many memorable and possibly document-worthy things in the last month or so; so many in fact that I have not made time to come and tell you about them. I do apologise. I shall try to do better in future.

The other problem with college is sleep deprivation.

Briefly, then, here are the things that have been happening in my life:

1.) 18 credit hours, consisting of 10 classes/applied lessons, all but one class of which are music and happen in the music building. I love it!

2.) Opera Workshop. It counts as one of those 10 classes, but has taken on a life of its own quite apart from class time. I'm singing the role of the young up-and-comer in Mozart's one-act opera The Impressario, and I'm terribly excited about it!

3.) The musical! Union's theatre department is staging "Zombies from the Beyond" this semester, and I got a leading role in it. (Don't write it off immediately - it's really incredibly clever and cute and well-written!) The cast is fabulous, Mr. Burke and Dr. Blass (stage and music directors respectively) are wonderful, and I get to play an "intergallactic strumpet on the prowl", to quote one of the characters. Yeah, I'm the alien queen of a zombie planet coming to Earth to wreak death and destruction - and collect men to revive my alien race. Uh, yeah. Don't ask. I promise it's not too skanky!

4.) Arguments with a professor, stemming out of points 2) and 3) above. I really hate arguing with professors.... but this particular one wanted to be argued with. Suffice it to say that he tried to say I couldn't do both Opera Workshop and the musical, I said I could too do them both, we had a lot of long discussions in which I mostly held my tongue and let him talk, so that I would avoid telling him what I really thought of him, and in the end he took what I'd been telling him, turned it around and said it back at me as if it was his own idea. So I guess I won?

5.) Rain. There's been a lot of it lately.

6.) Finally started writing again tonight. It feels good!

7.) Recital. My junior voice recital will be next semester, so I've been choosing repertoire and trying to memorise it NOW so I don't have a mad scramble later. I think I'm finally learning.

8.) Friends. This is the best! I love being back with some of my favourite people in the world... late-night deep conversations with roommates, hilarious movie nights, Bible studies, midnight frolics in a downpour of rain... these are the things I live for, the reasons (beyond homework) why I am chronically sleep-deprived, and why I don't care in the least. Oh God, thank you for my friends!

So this is what I have been doing lately. I could come up with two more points to make it an even ten, but I feel this is long enough already. I'll try to be more consistent with posting so that I don't have to write a novel every time I update!


  1. I loved living on campus at college; there was always something to do.

    Congrats on your roles! They sound facinating! Even the zombie thing... my husband keeps reminding me that zombies aren't all evil, and are quite entertaining even if they are evil.

    Best wishes on all your projects! Don't forget to take a few minutes to relax ;-)

  2. So, your prof, does their name happen to start with W?

  3. Thanks, Jenny! I love living at college too - never a dull moment!

    Ian... however did you guess?

  4. Congratulations on your roles! You've certainly got my interest about your musical. ..heehee it sounds awesome.

    Good to hear from you again!

  5. Congrats on the leading role! I miss your posts :-)


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